I have a snake in my house, what do i do?

Firstly give us a call now on either Fort Worth: (817) 606-7607 or Dallas : (972) 954-9244 for help. Snakes have the amazing ability to get into every nook and cranny within the house, they are in search of their next food source such as mice, rats, bugs, lizards and even smaller snakes.

The absolute best way to rid the home or office of snakes is to have a complete inspection dine by a expertly trained wildlife professional. Specifically someone familiar with all the species of snakes in your area.
Often the problem is not a snake problem, its a food source problem, for example if rats have taken up residence, the snakes come in looking for the rats so if the rats were removed, the snakes have nothing to feed on.

Of course physically removing a problem snake from your home is the immediate fix. We seriously recommend extreme caution with this method, you should have the correct equipment on hand, specialised snake tongs, very think gloves and a nerve of steel. Quite often venomous snakes appear as common garden snakes and the juvenile snakes have no control over the amount of venom they release, baby snakes are just toxic as adult snakes.

Please take extreme caution.

As the warmer months are with us, its not uncommon for home owners to call and tell us that a copperhead or rattle snake has invaded the garage or snuck into the home. This can very very distressing and and might be hiding under a lawnmower or behind a couch, once out of your site, this is when they can be most dangerous.

Now that I have got rid of the snakes, now what

Once any snake is removed from the property, talk to the DFW snakeman to snake proof your home. Removing their food source is the number on priority, if other critters are around such as rats, bugs, lizards etc.. snakes are going to follow. Identifying an cracks and crevices that a large enough for spaces to populate the crawlspaces, walls and the attic area should sealed. Talk to the snakeman for the best approach or if you would like us to do it for you.

When in doubt: Call DFW Snake Removal –  Fort Worth: (817) 606-7607 or Dallas : (972) 954-9244