Other Critter Removal

We are one of the few local companies to use a 100% organic approach to bee removal compared to several of our well know competitors who use a toxic approach and can place your children and pets at risk. By removing the entire bee hive, to include the Queen and all the babies, we completely remove the need for any harsh chemicals.
Skunk odor is one of the most unbearable odors known to mankind. Skunk smell is very strong and lasts for a long time. The yellow substance that the skunk sprays can reach distances of 15 feet. If you are in the line of fire, you will receive a dose that you will never forget. Skunk removal is not for the faint of heart and there is disease risks associated with removing a skunk. If you are sprayed in the eyes, mouth, nose or other mucous membrane, it is possible to contract rabies through the spray. The DFW Snake man has been dealing with our smelly friends for lots of years and is only a call away.
Fall and winter is the most common time of year when squirrels start to enter residential attics. They come in to build nests, have babies, and remain warm. Since squirrels are diurnal, almost all of the noises are heard in the morning and evening. If you have squirrels in your attic call us immediately before thousands of dollars’ worth of serious damage such as, chewed wires and chewed ductwork occurs. Squirrels are one on the main causes of attic fires. Do not delay; it’s simply not worth the risk. Most of our squirrel removal jobs are very inexpensive and usually can be taken care of in a day. We are open 24/7 so call now and speak to a wildlife specialist. Call 817-606-7607 OR 972-954-9244
Raccoon-in-atickRaccoonsRaccoons like to hide away in dark, isolated areas of homes and buildings, like attics and crawl spaces. Eventually they will use all that insulation and hardwood to nest and breed, leaving behind mass amounts of raccoon droppings, urine, and other debris. Fort Worth Wildlife can decontaminate, replace, and restore any damages cause by raccoons, as well as safely capture and remove them. Call us today 817-606-7607 or 972-954-9244

If you find yourself in the unlucky situation of having Rats or any other rodents taking up residence in your home; it is crucial that you take immediate action. Through our many years of experience Fort Worth Wildlife has refined the process of ridding your home of any and all wildlife. Most importantly of all, ours is a permanent solution not just a temporary fix. Rats can be found just about anywhere in an infested home. They can live in your attic, basement, or even in your walls. Rats carry all types of diseases that affect humans such as endemic typhus, ratbite fever, and bubonic plague. They can do a lot of damage to your home by chewing. They will chew through wood, electrical wires, water lines and drywall.Call to speak with a Wildlife Specialist